North Fork's Black Earl
1996 Section D Welsh Cob stallion

Earl is available at stud to mares of all breeds.
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"Not only does North Forks Black Earl have an impressive, proven pedigree, he is showing tremendous talent for dressage as well. His outstanding temperament and natural balance, lightness, and athleticism make him a joy to train. He has presence and charismatic charm to spare and an incredible work ethic. Earl has a great natural passage while free and a very expressive, collectible canter. He is of the finest quality and deserves your considerations as part of your cob or sport horse breeding program. Earl crosses well with many other breeds and has been successfully producing consistent, high quality foals. I am very excited to progress with this winning stallion in dressage and think there are no limits to what he can achieve. Earl is amazing, I just adore him. I can see that Earl is really a gift from God." Elizabeth Brown Dressage

Earl has proven to cross well with any Section of The Welsh Stud book. He crosses especially well with the Warmblood or Thoroughbred to produce outstanding dressage mounts, hunters, jumpers and event horses, or with the Arabian to get a sport pony with more bone and substance. Earl’s offspring have been an improvement on their dams, adding substance beauty and athletic ability.

Earl's foals are eligible for registration with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society of America

Earl provides a positive and uniquely distinctive influence on his offspring. His sons and daughters have proven themselves beyond a shadow of doubt as serious competitors in the sport horse area up to FEI level. They are lovely movers with tremendous attitudes. It is indeed an honor to see Black Earl's older crossbred geldings competing at FEI level and now foxhunting for fun.

Proven to produce so well, Earl is the ultimate stallion in every way. His Welsh type, 3 fantastic gaits, even temperament and conformation are passed on. Earl's offspring have his true type and lovely gaits. Earl comes from a long line of supreme champion Welsh Cobs both in hand and in saddle competition. This has been proven in his performance as a breeding sport stallion and Supreme Champion halter stallion.

Purebred and Partbred mares welcome. Multiple mare discounts are available.
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Liberty photos by Lyle Trimmer:

Pedigree for North Fork's Black Earl:

Canterbrook Llwynog Du

*Trevallion Royal Consort Derwen Telynor
Trevallion Duchess
*Uplands Empress Derwen Disturbance
Derwen Viscountess
*Sydenham Morwydden
Derwen Supreme Derwen Rosina's Last
Derwen Seren
Liddle Arietta Hewid Cardi
Hewid Shiela

For more information, please contact us via e-mail.


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