Pleasantstone Black Henry AKA 'Forevermore'  is in his new home at North Forks with Richard and Carol Holcombe. (Bear with me as I have a story to tell you.) Black Henry is being used as their premiere stud  for the beautiful trio of Welsh Cob mares they own. Carol originally imported Aemma's dam, *Llanarth Nansi, a mare that produced many champion show and breeding stock for the Holcombes. North Forks Lady Aemma produced Pleasantstone Black Henry for us sired by North Forks Black Earl. North Forks farms have bred many quality Welsh Cobs from their special farm including our North Forks Black Earl and his two half brothers: dressage star North Forks Lord Percy and superstar, North Forks Brenin Cardi, who are both presently rocking the dressage world with North Forks bloodlines. They are all sired by Cantrbrook's Llwynog Du whom is the Grandsire of Black Henry!

We have gone full circle in our purchase of North Forks Black Earl when he was born to North Forks Farm almost 18 years ago in June 1996. We had actually asked Carol to purchase him before he was born to his dam, *Sydenham Morwydden, whom we had fallen in love with for her amazingly beautiful presence impressive movement and big warm eye. She was perfect and with Llwynog as the sire this was an unbeatable combo. So the plans were made; If Morwydden had a black colt of the quality we expected from her when bred to Llwynog he would be ours. When Earl was born we were extremely impressed by the strong black colt and knew we wanted to purchase him. Then we discovered the small white cross on the forehead of baby Earl our eyes met and we knew that this colt was meant to be ours.

Carol never bred Morwydden back to Llwynog for another truly golden cross. Earl's dam was sold before Carol could breed her back. Morwydden did have other amazing offspring including another dressage rockstar,  Toandos Mountain Man but Black Earl is the only resulting cross of the mating between the two Welsh Cobs.
We had an offer of a good show home for Forevermore AKA Henry and we almost signed the papers over... But when Carol called us about the purchase of Forevermore AKA Henry, we knew that without a doubt this was the right home for him. 
We can't wait to see Pleasantstone Black Henry's first offspring thundering across the Holcombe's open pasture. 


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