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The broodmare is truly the heart of a breeding program or as the name "foundation" implies, the solid groundwork supporting everything. The foundation broodmare is the "bottom" upon which anything stands. Our breeding stock is selected with many different criteria in mind, always taking the whole of the individual into account and how they will cross with different bloodlines.
We have bred our brood-mare foundation stock or sought out the breeding lines we desired for our breeding program from other outstanding individual breeding programs. It takes many long years of dedication and hours of  work and effort.  We have endeavored to breed Welsh stock that are not only beautiful to behold, but are a pleasure to spend  precious time with. Our Cobs are bred to be used in varied and multiple  equine disciplines which may include pleasure riding, ranch work, steady trail riding mounts, upper end dressage mount, fox hunting, hunter jumper,  combined driving, three day eventing and carriage driving to name a few. For this kind of breeding program a great broodmare makes the difference. Our broodmares are worth their weight in gold and they are highly valued  and loved for the important role they play at Pleasantstone Welsh.


Pleasantstone Bronte
Section D Welsh Cob mare

Before Bronte we had four gorgeous fillies by Black Earl and out of the lovely section D mare Mynydd Hir Boneddiges. They have produced such incredible lovely fillies together, a really unbeatable cross. The first three; Halal, Blythe and Mirth were all dark rich bays like their dam, Boneddiges. Then along came Bronte' -- A Dark black beauty with the same adorable love snip like her dam; We had to have a special name for her -- Bronte’, which means, " The voice caused by lightning", (or Thunder) in the Hebrew language. She was born in the middle of a huge thunder and lightning storm after her dam, Boneddiges, was dripping milk and ready to foal for over two weeks. All those sleepless nights!!! Is was WORTH it! Bronte’ is absolutely stunning and a blessing for Pleasantstone. A perfect replacement of her own amazingly beautiful dam, Boneddiges , and a broodmare who will bring forward her own rich treasures to share in the world of the Welsh Cob.



Bronte is bred to North Forks Cardi for a 2014 foal. Great expectations.



North Forks Lady Aemma
Section D Welsh Cob mare

A grand older Broodmare now, Aemma,  is a well bred broodmare with the best of great Llanarth bloodlines. She carries herself well as she rules the pasture as a queen with dignity. She still has the impulsion, elasticity with overall rhythm and movement that has been  passed this on to her offspring. North Forks Aemma  bred to North Forks Black Earl has produced for us  two fillies, Pleasantstone Emman, (now in Canada) ; and Pleasantstone Aemmearl, 2007 American Sport Pony 1st Premium approved, 7.6 Site Champion. Ammearl can be seen on our sales page. Last but not least Ammea produced for us the awesome colt, Pleasantstone Forevermore. Now purchased from us by North Forks Farm, Richard and Carol Holcombe. to be used in their sought after breeding program. This beautiful and promising young stallion can be seen on our news page.

We bred  North Forks Lady Aemma back to North Forks Black Earl in high hopes of getting one more from this fabulous cross. If she is bred we expect a new foal in  June 2014. We can only hope for another winning one from this wonderful cross.

Balsuma High Flyer
*Llanarth Trustful Derwen Telynor
Llanarth Sian
*Lidgett Henrietta Llanarth Black Henry
Sydenham Jasmine
*Llanarth Nansi
Llanarth Lord Nelson Tyhen Comet
Llanarth Lady Valient
Llanarth Phoenix Llanarth True Briton
Llanarth Martina

Mynydd Hir Boneddiges
Section D Welsh Cob mare

We can't say enough about this first class brood-matron. She was born in Colorado at MHS Mynydd Hir Stud. 'Bonnie" has proven herself beyond the shadow of a doubt in our eyes. With five incredible fillies in a row and then one awesome colt, she is a breeder’s dream come true. She has all the best Welsh Cob attributes like correct type, very good carriage and elasticity at all her gaits, great impulsion, great balance rapped up in a very pleasant to work with beautiful package. We can’t say enough good things about Boneddiges! It is said a picture tells a thousand words…so have a look, at the lovely Boneddiges!

Born in 1998, this section D mare Mynydd Hir Boneddiges is an outstanding producing brood mare and her bloodlines are praiseworthy, with many celebrated Cobs in her lineage.

Boneddiges is bred to Pleasantstone Black Henry for a 2014 foal. We expect GREAT results and anxiously await for this first time cross arrival. This will be one of Pleasantstone Black Henry's first foals !

Pleasantstone Swearl
Partbred Welsh mare

Swearl is line bred from our Arabian Pinto spot foundation stock and she is homozygous for Pinto coloration. We have plans to breed her to Black Earl in the future and get a beautiful Welsh Pinto crossbred. Swearl can be bred to any stallion and have a Colored foal 99% of the time. As is evident from her foal photos, Swearl is the best of both worlds, being 25% Welsh Cob herself. Elegant and gorgeous to watch, Swearl is a beautiful mover and we are looking towards starting her under saddle soon since she is coming into her third year New pictures coming.

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